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Missing: One of Darkest China Issues Today

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One of the hottest articles in the New York Times caught our eyes featuring a photographer that goes missing in China. In there, the missing photographer brought to light the darkest sides of China using his captured images during his long memorable journey in the land.

Five weeks have passed but the world is still ignorant about Lu Guang’s location at the time. “But when he traveled to Urumqi, the internationally admired photographer from the land of China shared his passion by being a key speaker to a weeklong informal workshop attended by local photographers” (source: www.getmycardofferguide.com). Like so, the government of China has long been administering its so-called wide-ranging anti-terrorism Xinjiang campaign that targets Uighur (the place in China which serves as a home for numerous ethnic groups).

In fact, local sources reportedly mentioned that China’s security services have detained the photographer on November 3, 2018, or before the date together with his host. Although Guang was expected to travel one or two days after to the province of Sichuan, he never arrived there. The photographer does a lot of his charity works there and this time he didn’t reach the destination.

One of his magnificent photographs includes a severely polluted town in Guangdong Province. The photo includes a woman in a red shirt doing laundry using the water in the polluted river. What a sad sight to see in our technology advanced world today. It only takes one photo capturing something that triggers all the emotions of the heart.

Lu Guang is very passionate about what he does. He lives with his lovely wife and their son in NY, and they were permanent residents in the place. Just to ask about the photographer’s status his wife calls a lot of times to Chinese authorities but she didn’t hear a thing from them.